Ride, let yourself get carried away

You are seated in your sled towed by 8 to 10 nordic dogs and driven by a professional musher graduate by state. An unforgettable discovery, a warm encounter with enthusiasts and their dogs.

The duration of the walk can vary by 5 minutes and does not include moments of exchange, caresses and photos.

An activity open to all, from 24 months. Except: pregnant women, people with a contraindication (e.g. fragility of the back). Participants are seated in the professional-driven sled.

Ride formulas

30-minute ride

You embark for a half-hour ride in a comfortable sled of the latest generation. An encounter with the pack, caresses and photos obligatory.

1-hour ride

On this technical and varied route, an active participation will be occasionally requested from one of the passengers: good physical condition required.

Number of passengers per sled

1 or 2 passengers

3 children (-11 years)

1 adult and 2 children (-11 years)

2 adults and 1 child (-11 years)

4 children (-11 years)

2 adults and 2 children (-11 years) MAXIMUM WEIGHT 180 KG

thirty minutes

one hour











2 adults and 1 child max

2 adults and 1 child max



Be the pilot of your own sled

Your adventure dream, an introduction course to learn how to drive your own team of 3 to 4 dogs, following the footsteps of the monitor. Take in account 1/2 day for about 1:30 to 1:45 of riding. This sport requires good physical condition.

Accessible from 14 years old.

We provide helmets, boots and radio guidance equipment.

After equipping and briefing we harness the dogs and we head off for 10 to 15 km ride with your dogs.

€160 per student

The cani-hiking

A family hike towed by our friendly sled dogs. With a comfortable belt, you will be connected to your dog who will help you walk along the mountain paths.

Share a moment with a sporty and endearing companion.

Half-day family walk, including instructions, photo breaks and dog caresses.

Equipment required: Closed walking shoes, water, adapted outfit for hiking and weather.

$30 per adult and €20 per child (-13 years old)

For any request, please let us know:


– Your dates of your stay:
– Desired benefits:
– Number of adults and children over the age of 10:
– Number of children ( – 11 years):
– Your availability (am or pm):
– Your questions, remarks or other…

Depending on the schedule, the number of sleds available and the composition of your group, we will offer you one or more slots.